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hiMy rukus icx switch is not working, the devices which are connected to it are not working. Could any one help me ?thanksgirish
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Hi everyone !I just want to clarify one point in the ruckus ICX7550, at page 8, the show us the Maximum MAC address and they show us-16,000 (profile1), 114,000 (profile2), 32,000 (profile3)Which is a profile 1,2, and 3 ??
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Please guide me on the following case: I have configured RADIUS on, and users will receive dynamic VLANs from it—for IT, VLAN 11 and for Finance, VLAN 14. Currently, my DHCP server is configured on, and I have configured the relay on the ZD1200 accordingly. My AP R510 is connected to a Cisco 2960 access switch, and the ZD1200 wireless controller is also connected to the same switch. When I configure the port of the Cisco 2960 in switchport mode access for controller, the connectivity between the AP and controller is established. However, when set to trunk, they lose communication with each other. AP connected to switch with port mode trunk is working fine.Similarly, when I keep the Cisco switchport mode in access for controller, users authenticate via the AAA RADIUS server correctly but cannot find the DHCP server. The DHCP server is behind a firewall and traffic to it passes through a core switch where the IP helper command is already defined for DHCP.What should I do? What should be the port mode for connectivity between the Cisco switch and ZD1200, and between the Cisco switch and AP R510? What should the Ethernet port settings be within the ZD1200 and AP R510? Keep in mind that users should get dynamic IPs from their respective pools (11 for IT and 14 for Finance) using the single SSID name "ZDTEST".
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Hi,I am having some problems configuring an icx8200 switch. I am following the Ruckus Fastiron Web Manamgement Interface UserGuid 10.0.10. The management port is assigned with an IP address, users are created and authentication is set up.According to the show web command, the HTTP and HTTPS servers are enabled. However, no IP is displayed under Web Session Management.The laptop is connected directly to the management port via LAN cable. I can ping the ip, but cannot reach it via the browserThanks for helpPatrick
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I have R350, R550 and R650 APs.We're using WPA2. We are having problems with apple devices, they connect to the WiFi and loses the internet when they goes to sleep (without disconnecting from the WiFi). I have to disable and enable WiFi on the device to get internet again. It is not a problem of coverage or interference because android devices and laptops does not have that problem.Does any of you have a solution for this?
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Hi i would like to know the exact máximum amount of gain of the antenas for this two equipment, can someone help!Thanks!
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